Light Art Sculptures and Jewelry
Mark Allyn's Journey Through Creation and Light
My childhood Christmases and Birthdays were humble. I did not get mountains of toys and games.

However, I got the few precious yet inexpensive tools which help me launch myself into a very fascinating journey of light and creation.

Such humble gifts that became the keys to the gate that opened the pathways to this adventure included a cheap toy flashlight; a small toy Erector Set; a set of Tinker Toys; a box of building blocks made by my grandfather; and finally a small set of tools which one of my uncles gave to me for my birthday.

The toy flashlight gave me the gift of being creative with light.

The Erector Set and Tinker Toys gave me the gifts of learing how to solve problems and making things on my own.

The building bloks gave me the gift of learning by making mistakes (towers which fall down because I did not know how to make thiem)

And the small set of tools from my uncle gave me the gifts of learning how to make things that last and be eternal.

Spirling through years of fun, frustration, fear, excitement, and joy; this adventure has borne many skills, including sewing, welding, metal crafting, lapidiary, glass engraving, and working with light.

What you see here is a small sample of the gifts which my journey has blessed the world.

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