Multifaith Cathedral Of Light At Night
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Multifaith Cathedral Of Light At Night
Imaging being tired after a long day of hiking alone in the woods. It's getting dark and you cannot find a place to camp.

It gets pitch dark and your flashlight starts to go dim on tired batteries.

Then you come upon a hill and see a glimer of light through the trees ahead.

You also hear a faint sound of voices singing

You use your last ounces of strength to push on up that hill through the trees. The light gets brighter and the sounds of singing become louder.

You finally crest the hill and pass through the last row of trees.

A panormama greets your tired eyes.

A thousand people are standing on this hilltop, forming a circle, and singing.

In the center of the circle, standing several hundred feet high, is this majestic, sparkling cathedral.

Shining like the mightiest beacon from this highest of hills, this glorious cathedral sends the light of love to millions of people for thousands of miles around.

The people closest to you turn and welcome you with open arms to join the circle.

You cry with joy as join in the singing of praises.

No matter what your religion or sexual lifestyle, you are all welcome!

This dream inspired me to create this majestic cathedral from old glass, quartz crystals, and scrap pieces of metal.

As this mighty cathedral that gave me strength during my dream rests against my breast, it's majestic beams of light reach into the hearts and souls of all the lost childrent of the land!