Steel Sculpture Light Art Suspenders
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Steel Sculpture Light Art Suspenders
Suspenders often are among the most incredibly boring garments. They need some lighening up!

The design for this pair os suspenders came from a collection of dreams I had throughout the years.

Dreams of being held to the highest expectations.

Dreams of being able to take many risks and learning from thousands of mistakes so that I am allowed to use every last bit of energy to create light that can be seen from far away and treasured for many years!

My fascination (sometimes feeling more like a fetish) of steel, clear vinyl, and quartz crystals; along with light; led me to create these sculpture.

While heavy and slightly uncomfortable, these suspenders are great for bracketing or acting as a picture frame for many of my lighted necklaces.

The bicycle chain, which was recycled from old bicycles, was cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner prior to being used for this garment. The chain is also enclosed in glass clear vinyl to protect my clothing.

The quartz crystals are illuminated with LED's placed out-of-sight against the bottom; behind the metal plate.

I have enough of a positive response for wearing these that I am investigating other options for lighted custom made suspenders.