The Emerald City At Night Belt Buckle
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
The Emerald City At Night Belt Buckle
Every time I wached the Wizard Of Oz, I would cry in tears at the scene when Dorothy would crest that last hill with her friends and see the glory of the Emerald City for the first time!

I also had dreams of being with Dorothy and seeing that city beckoning to us. I would awake in tears.

This is my dream of how the Emerald City would look if Dorothy saw it from the Yellow Brick Road at night.

This is a belt buckle for a bicycle chain belt. It is constructed of all re-used parts. The buildings are handles of stainless steel silverware that I got from estate sales and Goodwill. In fact, one of the pieces I found while riding my bicycle on Oregon route 26 in Beaverton, Oregon.

Be Dorothy as she is greeted by this beautiful city at the end of her long journey! It's evening and the lights reach into her heart with great love!