Lighted Clothing
Unique Lighted Rainwear
My facination with wearing lighted clothing began in high school when we had a necktie contest for the Valentine dance.

I snuck into the attic and borrowed a string of Christmas lights from our family's Christmas decorations and then created a necktie with the Christmas lights.

Wearing this necktie at the high school dance was a sensation even if it did require me to stand next to an electrical outlet. I got first prize in the contest.

That humble little lighted necktie began a journey in light that has taken many hills and valleys throughout the years. There have been many frustrations and dangerous mistakes during this adventure. Batteries shorting out and wiring on my bicycle catching file while I am zooming down a hill late at night.

The adventure did include these creations which I share with you here. If you should ever be in Portland, Oregon, especially during the winter months, you can see me wear these while riding my bicycle.

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