Close Up Led Art Suspenders Bow Tie
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Close Up Led Art Suspenders Bow Tie
When I go shopping, I don't shop for things. I shop for what I don't see.

When I return home from the stores, I am carrying no bags nor packages in my arms.

In my mind, however, I am carrying large packages of ideas for things that I did not see in the store windows.

This is one of those many gifts which found their way into my free thinking mind.

The metal and glass used for this project was all found either at estate sales or on the street. The only new parts are the LEDs.

The rocks are all quartz crystal and the wings of the bow tie are glass. There is no acrylic used in this project.

My goal in doing this project is that you do not see the sources of light; only the light interacting with other media; whether it be glass, crystals, or my shirt.