El Wire Peace Symbol
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
El Wire Peace Symbol
The peace movement following the Iraq invasion of 2003 needed some illumination.

This was to be the light of peace!

This lighted peace symbol was the largest project that I did using El Wire technology. It took several week (including entire weekends) to construct

I used close to two hundred feet of El Wire to construct the peace symbol you see as well as a double rainbow on the rear of the poncho that you don't see in this picture.

I am very sad to say that this garment had to be retired very shortly after it's completion and the taking of this picture.

I had wanted to use this at peace marches here in Portland, but I ended up using only once for a private event before I was forced to retire it permanently.

The El Wire technology is too fragile to use for clothing and it uses high voltages, which can be dangerious. Some of the pieces started to short out and flicker almost immediately after this picture was taken.

The poncho itself, which I got for free at a yard sale, is very light. I made this prior to deciding to use only very heavy clear vinyl for my lighted clothing projects. The plastic stretched as I wore this garment and that may have been a cause of some of the failures.