Led Art Jewelry And Lighted Clear Plastic Cape
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Led Art Jewelry And Lighted Clear Plastic Cape
Historically, clear plastic rain capes were built for women of high fashion so that they can have their beutiful clothing shine through on a rainy day.

Unlike the cheap semi-transparent raincoats that are sold now, vintage clear plastic raincoats and rain capes were truly clear; almost as clear as glass.

Nowhere was the raincoat or cape itself considered a piece of art; it was just a window through which we can see someones nice clothing.

With this piece of art, I have extended the beauty from within the garment to the garment itself.

In addition to highlighting the artistic clothing that I am wearing within this cape; the cape itself is as much a piece of art as my clothing.

The lock plates are for me to reach my arms through; they serve a similar role as the slits in a normal cape. These lock plates, which are real brass lock plates, swing out on hinged frames.

For those of you who are interested, in Portland, there is a hardware store called Hippo Hardware. That is where I got the door lock plates. They have much unique stuff that can fit in well in these type of art projects!

Whay you see on the bottom hem are lead glass chandelier crystals, each one lit with a colored LED light.

The splashes of light you see on the sidewalk upon which I stand are from LED light projectors mounted in the bottom hem of the cape.

Using LED light projectors as I am using in this cape allow me to create art with objects that are not part of the garment itself. Its an extention of the art to beyond the art itself.