No Parking Sign On E Victor Street In Bellingham Wearing Beautiful Clear Plastic Rain Cape
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
No Parking Sign On E Victor Street In Bellingham Wearing Beautiful Clear Plastic Rain Cape
Once upon a time when I was a little boy, during a children's service at the First Congregational Church in Winchester, Ma; I saw a little girl in a bright green dress wearing a beautiful crystal clear plastic rain cape because it was raining outside.

Sitting there in the pew with my family, I started dreaming.

Unfortunately, I could not ask the little girl where she got her cape Our family did not know the family of the little girl wearing it and I was very shy.

When I tried to buy a similar cape at Jordan Marsh in Boston, I cried when I found out that they were all too small for my size.

I ended up crying for 40 years until I bought a sewing machine and learned to sew myself and then I made a clear plastic rain cape for myself. That was a very happy moment.

Since then, I made many such transparent capes and coats.

This garment is one of the most elaborate in my sewing career.

I was hosting a dinner party for a group from the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship and I needed a way for people to find my home on East Victor Street, here in Bellingham, Washington.

I noticed a no parking sign right in front of my home and decided to gift that no parking sign with the glorious light of this beautiful lighted clear plastic rain cape. This allows the no parking sign and my wonderful cape to act as a beacon for my guests to find my home.

The guests expressed gratitude for the beacon

Now I can say that the journey that began with seeing that little girl in the bright green dress wearing her transparent plastic rain cape has come to a wonderful closure with this no parking sign wearing my own beautiful beacon!

If by any chance you were the girl who wore her clear plastic rain cape over her bright green dress during church service in Winchester; I wish to thank you very much for the inspiration! An please send me email at allyn (at) and let me thank you personally!