Light Art Skirt And Blouse
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Light Art Skirt And Blouse
I needed something to wear to the Cascade AIDS Project's Art Auction and Gala that would add color to the event.

I already had the light crystal clear plastic shirt, however the light art crystal clear plastic pants that I had had problems.

This skirt was constructed of heavy clear vinyl from a clear plastic slipcover that I found at Goodwill. Fortunately that slipcover was not heavily used and had no scratches. Goodwell gave me that slipcover for free. Using leftover optical fiber and LED's leftover from other projects; I was able to complete this project at very little additional cost.

This outfit got very good positive reaction during the event.

The skirt is one of the easiest clear plastic garments to wear because it is open at the bottom and does not get hot at all.

If you look at the bottom, you can see colored spots of light on the sidewalk that I am standing on. These are created using high power LEDs with focusing optics mounted in the hem of the skirt.

This is the first skirt that I made which gives me a very unusual attribute of light art that is not available to many other types of art. That is the ability to include objects in my art work that are not objects in my control.