Plastic Wrapped Ballerina At Intel Jones Farm Campus Auditioning For Nutracker Or Cuckoos Nest
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Plastic Wrapped Ballerina At Intel Jones Farm Campus Auditioning For Nutracker Or Cuckoos Nest
Once upon a time, when I was a child, boys and men just simply did not wear clear plastic raincoat because they felt there was not need to be protected while letting their beauty shine in the rain. They liked their choice: either look great and get wet or stay dry and look drab and gray.

Well, I wanted to do something like this. So, I bought my very own transparent raincoat.

Then I had the bad dream. This discombobulated voice came out of an old radio in the lobby of my school was scolding me and said that if I ever dare to wear that that transparent raincoat, I would be kicked out of school, asked to leave home, and my dad would be fired from his job at the big accounting company called Patterson Teale and Dennis. Patterson Teale and Dennis have since climbed onto the cosmic rays traveling through the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts and are now on their way to the planet Durand to try to find Jane Fonda and her space cadets.

Now that Patterson Teale and Dennis are gone to the source of radio waves from outer space and my father has passed on, I can now ignore that voice from the old radio and let my beauty shine!!!!

A recent part of my journey far and awary from that horrible dream to my new Shangri-La is one that I will fondly remember for many years.

It happened at an very unlikely space, the Intel Corporation Jones Farm Campus in Hillsboro, Oreogn, a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

After a fascinating and very educational 11 year career at This very fine emporium, Intel Corporation, I decided to make a quantum change in my life and retire to Bellingham, Washington so that I can attend all of my time to make glowing sculptures and riding a bicycle with a rediculously large ammount of light shining in all directions, as well as walking around in artistic clothing inside transparent glowing raincoats.

Well, retire is the formal way of saying it. In reality, I am now an Escaped Mental Patient From Intel Corporation in Hillsboro Oregon now Living In Bellingham, Washington!

There was nothing wrong with Intel. They gave me wonderful education so that I could become a Linux and Secure Linux.

The very last week of my Intel career by sheer coincidence was also the same week that Intel started their planned layoffs. As I was going to leave anyways, I was not worried.

In fact, this played in my favor. Intel offered me a buyout of which I had never planned for as I was going to leave with no bonus. So, I got an additional $30,000, which will buy a lot of clear plastic, metal, LEDs, glass, tools, and everything else for my hobbies that will le me create more beauty to shine in the rain!

In addition to this, I heard a voice somewhere, perhaps through radio waves from outer space, that representatives from both the New York City Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow Russia were somewhere on the Intel Jones Farm Campus to talk abouit purchasing some of These super servers for their ticketing systems.

So, I figured that since these folk were here on campus, I might as well audition for their respective performances of the Nutcracker!

So, I decided to celebrate. My last day, Friday, April 29, 2017, was a rainy day. So, I rode my biccyle to work wearing my colorful clothing under my clear plastic bicycle rain suit; exactly as you see in this picture. And I danced, did pirouettes, skipped, and sang!

In short, I was a clear plastic or cellophane wrapped ballerina from The Nutcracker dancing through the hallways of Intel's Jones Farm Campus on my way to the Shangri-La of Bellingham, Washington! One of the employees told me that he thought that I was auditioning to be in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest!

After this wonderful day, both Intel and myself will never be the same!

When I left the Intel Jones Farm 2 bicycle racks that day, I started my Judy Garland Rainbow Bicycle Ride From Hillsboro Oregon to Bellingham Washington!