Mark Allyn And His Judy Garland Rainbow Bicycle Ride
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Mark Allyn And His Judy Garland Rainbow Bicycle Ride
My 320 mile Judy Garland Rainbow Bicycle Ride from programming Secure Linux security policies at Intel in Hillsboro Oregon to restoring a 1920's vintage Wurlitzer jukebox at the Spark Museum in Bellingham Washington

I began my retirement from Intel by attempting to audition to be a celephane wrapped ballerina for the NYC Ballet's Performance of The Nutcracker.

Unfortunately neither Intel Corporation nor the New York City Ballet were impressed with my performance. So my plans to dance off to New York City were dashed.

I was in tears only for a few microseconds, not even long enough to see a small pulse on a vintage oscilloscope.

You see, I already had "Plan B".

On June 29, 2016, I left Intel's Jones Farm Campus for the last time, kissing it goodbye.

This starts my final commute home. From the job I am leaving in Hillsboro Oregon to my new home in Bellingham, Washington, 320 miles away, way up there north somewhere.

The first day was very wet; heavy showers and cold wind. Somehow, I made it from Hillsboro, Oregon to the Lewis and Clark Bridge over the Columbia River between Rainier Oregon and Longview Washington.

As I approached the bridge, the rain stopped and the sky started to clear. I had a wonderful warm afternoon sun in my face as I approached the bridge from St. Helens Road (Route 30) on the Oregon Side.

As a symbolic gesture of saying goodbye to Oregon and hello to Washington, I decided to walk across the bridge.

As I stepped over the official state line between Oregon and Washington, I stopped and looked.

On my left was pristine blue sky and bright sun.

Directly overhead of me was the cloud line, which was moving to my right as the storm was being blown east.

And to my right were dark clouds of the receeding storm, which were the perfect backdrop for a

Beautiful Judy Garland Rainbow!

There I stood on the middle of the Lewis And Clark Bridge, crying like Judy Garland! I felt like I was above the rainbow heading for a new Shangri-La!

After my Judy Garland on the Lewis and Clark Bridge moment, the rest of my journey was in pristine clear weather.

The next day, I rode from Longview to Belfair Washington. This ride was quite exciting. Many people in the rural parts of Lewis and Thurston counties do not leash their dogs and I had fun trying to outrun many stray dogs in that area. But I did make it in one piece to Belfair where I spent my 2nd night in a $50.00 per night motel.

The third day was a leisurely 60 mile ride from Belfair to Port Townsend Washington.

I spent two days in Port Townsend. Port Townsend is a place that you just cannot spend only one day! I had many pleasent conversations about my journey in the outdoor cafe of the Port Townsend Food Coop. Many loved me telling of the Judy Garland moment on the bridge.

My last day, I took the Port Townsend to Coupville Ferry and then rode from Coupville Washington to my new home in Bellingham!

At the end of this journey, I sat down under a tree in Boulevard Park in Bellingham and called my coach at the Intel Jones Farm Fitness Center, a wonderful gentleman named David, who had encouraged me for this journey. I told David, "After 320 miles and 5 days, I made it!" I could hear him both laughing and crying!

The day after this journey ended, it started raining here in Bellingham. That is also the day that I rode my bicycle the short 2 miles from home to the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention, where I began a wonderful challenging journey of restoring a 1920's vintage Wurlitzer Juke Box!

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