Closeup Drapery Fabric Shirt
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Closeup Drapery Fabric Shirt
Commercial drapery fabrics, which are used in schools, office buildings, stores, and airports are beautiful yet suprisingly rugged fabrics.

These fabrics cost around $50.00 per yard. However, if the fabric store ends up with less than about 3 yards, they will lower the price since it is difficult to make drapes with less than about 3 to 4 yards. The slang in the fabric world for these fabrics is either 'mill end' or 'remnants'.

All of the fabric on this shirt was obtained from remnants for less than $7.00 per yard. The burgendy fabric close to the shoulders was from a 1/2 yard piece that I got for about $1.00.

I wore this shirt for about 1 year. I then had it professionaly cleaned. Then I gave it to a charity auction for WGBH TV in Boston where it was sold for about $150.00.

Just after I made that donation, I went to A clothing store called Ross and found a shirt in their sales rack that was already torn in the hem!