Enamel Over Steel Art And Clear Plastic Belt
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Enamel Over Steel Art And Clear Plastic Belt
This project was very challenging.

First of all, the clear color enamel was very difficult to find. It was also oil based, which meant that it was very difficult to clean up the brushes (and my work area) after I was done.

Also, I had to figure out how to have the belt fasten together. I ended up using heavy steel wire (as thick as steel nails) that I had to carefully tig weld onto the back of the pink triangle piece and one of the bicycle sprockets.

In fact, the pink triangle you see is the second one I used. The first one was partially melted when I applied too much heat for the welding. I had only recently started to self teach myself in gas tungsten arc welding, likewise I was still very inexperienced.

Although it did turn out to be artistic, it will still quite uncomfortable to wear due to the size of the bicycle sprockets as well as the combersome buckling arrangement.

This was given to a friend who does not wear it, but does use the steel parts as an altarpiece.

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