My Edgartown Yacht Club Rain Jacket
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My Edgartown Yacht Club Rain Jacket
Once upon a time, I was at the Edgartown Yacht Club in Edgartown, Massachusetts, with my family. We had arrived after an all day sail from Marion, Massachusetts.

My parents and myself had gone out to dinner and were returning to the yacht club to return to our boat.

On the dock, I saw this tall handsome man wearing dark slacks and a football letter jacket under this crystal clear vinyl slicker that allowed his beautiful letter jacket, which, by the way was for the football team at Old Rochester Regional High School.

There was something about the fit of that rain jacket which suggested to me that he had it custom made.

I wanted to talk to him about where he got it and I wanted to tell him how I loved the way it fit him. However, I was with mom and dad and we were in a hurry to get back to our boat to get ready for bed as we had a long sail for the next day.

Well, I never saw that man again.

Well, now, I have custom made this jacket for myself! Perhaps, I should buy One of these to wear under this jacket.

For now, my own hand made clothing is a good substitute.

Maybe if I have time and energy, I can make my own letter jacket!

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