My Childhood Jordan Marsh Clear Plastic Raincoat
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My Childhood Jordan Marsh Clear Plastic Raincoat
When I was eleven years old, I had a paper route in Winchester Massachusetts where I grew up (For those of you who are familiar with Winchester, my paper route covered Highland Ave, Crescent Road, Mason Street, Winthrop Street, as well as several others.

One of my over 100 customers had clear plastic slipcovers on her furniture. I had asked her where she go them and she told me to go to Jordan Marsh in Boston. Although I did not have furniture to cover, I knew that I wanted one of those clear slipcovers so I can make my own clear rainwear.

In the basement of Jordan Marsh, there was a department called Notions.

Notions was my favorite department. They had not only the clear plastic slipcovers (from which I made my own rainwear), they had also a large selection of clear plastic raincoats. When meant that I did not have to make my own.

That coat, however, did not last long. I quickly outgrew it (remember, I was a growing boy of 11 years at that time.

That was also the largest coat they had.

So, that meant that I had to buy clear plastic slipcovers and make my own clear raincoats by sealing the plastic together using a hot light bulb. (Remeber, this is decades before my sewing career began).

Considering all of the mistakes that I made while learning on my own, I have often clean out that Jordan Marsh Notions Department of slipcovers. The woman who ran that department soon got to know me on a first name basis as Mark Allyn, the Clear Plastic Boy!

What you see here is a replica of my first childhood transparent raincoat from Jordan Marsh.

There was one problem with the raincoat that I got at Jordan Marsh. It had no hood. The woman at the counter told me that they never made clear plastic raincoats with hoods.

As you can see, I have changed that! The transparent hood on this raincoat is great because I can see out of it even if the opening in front is small as in this picture!

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