Jumbo Full Cover Clear Plastic Poncho Demonstrating Style
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Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Jumbo Full Cover Clear Plastic Poncho Demonstrating Style
This is a very unusual gift that I made for a friend who wanted to wear it while nude at this fetish party in Amsterdam.

Although I like this garment for it's unique style, I feel that I would get very hot quickly as I do a lot of exercise. And I get nervous about suffocation.

Although I enjoy wearing my transparent rainwear, I will not wear anything over my face. That is my limit. For this modeling, I cut additional holes for breathing and concealed them in a way to make it look like the garment I made for my friend. I wore this for only a few seconds, enough for this and another shoot that you see elsewhere on this site. Then I immediately took it off and dissassembled it and am using the material for another garment.

My friend apparently was not nervous at all. He sent me a picture of himself wearing it, but I cannot publish it here since he was nude and he requested that I do not put it on my website. This pose in my home made clothing is the substitute.

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