Full Cover Total Enclosure Clear Plastic Rain Coat
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Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Full Cover Total Enclosure Clear Plastic Rain Coat
This is similar to a very special full enclosure clear plastic raincoat that I made for a friend.

If you look carefuly, the hood is unusual. It has no opening at all. The air that I breath has to come in through the sleeves.

My friend's request was specific. He wanted it to be nearly totally sealed as he wanted to sweat on a warm day and he wanted to wear it at a fetish party; something that I am totaly not interested in as these darn parties love to crank up the music so high that I cannot think!

It was fun to wear, especially in the rain! The total enclosure of this suit (where even my head was nearly totaly enclosed) was quite fun as it completely kept me dry.

However, it is dangerious. Much as I thought it felt kind of neat, I got quite nervous! I had to struggle to get enough air into the hood to breathe comfortably; and that is while I was not even exercising!

It was a fun unusual garment, but sorry, I am a bit concerned about suffocation and getting heat exhaustion as I do a lot of exercise.

After posing for this picture and wearing the garment for a few minutes outside in the rain, took the garment off and dissassembled it. I plan to use the material for a future project, most likely a lighted rain bonnet.

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