Lighted Glass Engraving Men Kissing Among Friends At The Last Supper
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Lighted Glass Engraving Men Kissing Among Friends At The Last Supper
I remember going to a gay bar for the first time in my life and seeing two men kissing.

The engraved image on the left is what I remember forty years later.

The engraving to the right is of a man whom I remember always went to the afternoon matenae at the Strand movie theater on Market Street in San Francisco during the 1970's (that theater is long closed now). He was there no matter what the film was playing that day. He was always there before I arrived and still there when I left.

I was too shy to approach him, but I knew that he was very lonely and was seeking companionship.

There was one time when he moved over and sat next to me. I also remember him sobbing very softly. Both he and myself were far too shy to make the first gesture to break the ice.

I recognized him instantly even in the darkness of the theater because he always wore a plastic raincoat no matter what the weather was outside.

I felt there was a connection between myself and him and here is my opportunity to bring him into my life.

The engraving in back is that of a man I saw in church one day when I was a child.

Again, I felt a connection between the two of us, but I never had the courage to go to him and introduce myself.

The image appears to be a bit broken, but that is due to the refractions caused by the beveled sides of the two panes of glass in front.

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