Light Art Glass And Steel Sculpture Mark Pole Dancing At The Last Supper
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Light Art Glass And Steel Sculpture Mark Pole Dancing At The Last Supper
I chose to have myself dancing at the Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper because I wish not to further glorify the exploitation of young female erotic performers who have had a long history of exploitation.

I desire to have my artwork be free from any sexual, lewd, or nude performance and images.

I love to invoke fantasy and imagination in my artwork which is totally of my own imagination and not of stereotypes.

I have created an image of myself as I remember I appeared in the 1970's when I came of age. It was also an era when I had more hair and I was much more overweight than I am now.

The coat that I am wearing in this glass engraving is my first ever clear plastic raincoat that I bought as a child from the Jordan Marsh department store that allowed me to have my own beauty shine forth in the rain.

The beauty that I love to shine through my clear plastic is my clothing, not just a naked body. It is my imagination and creativity that I want to shine in the rain, nut just my body.

The table and disciples I have borrowed from the famous Leonardo painting, however I have taken enormous artistic liberties there as well.

There are 14 disciples; not 12 as in the painting. These diciples are gay men whom I remember I had a crush on in the 1970's. These glass engravings were done by hand using a high speed diamond tip drill and using my own imagination and creativity.

I used some images on line to inspire my own imagination, however there is no computer assisted etching of existing images. I want to have my own dreams and imagination manifest in my artwork.

The central figure, Jesus, is from figures in a varity of childhood dreams and vaguly remembered glances at men at gay dances during collage in the 1970's as well as images I remember from the Haight Ashbury scenes of the 1960's.

The two shrines are the result of suggestions made by a friend of mine to include women as part of my version of the Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper as most renderings of the imagry do not include women.

The woman on the left is my imagination of the Virgin Mary and the woman on the right is how I remember my own mother during my childhood.

These two women not only symbolize the hosting of the last supper and blessing the guests; they also symbolize beacons calling fourh all to come to the table just as my own mother would ring a bell and call out to us children while we were playing outside during the summer months that it's time to come in for supper.

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