Hand Engraved Glass Pieces With Andy Warhol And Gay Men At Last Supper
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Hand Engraved Glass Pieces With Andy Warhol And Gay Men At Last Supper
I was on my way to a movie theater in Boston to see one of my favorite James Bond movies (The Music Hall Theater, which is now the Wang Center).

I was pouring rain out.

I saw this tall man completely wrapped in clear plastic to protect himself in the rain. I could see him clearly through the plastic, yet I knew that he was protected and stayed dry.

He and I made eye contact for the briefest of time. He was just standing there, admiring the view through his transparent shroud.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time to get to the theater in time for the show, so I could not spend any time with him even though I wanted to.

However, there was a connection. Here I was soaking wet (no raincoat; just shorts and a T shirt) and he was very protected. But we were two-in-one for that instant.

Sadly, I never saw him again.

Later in life, I was in San Francisco. Again, a rainy evening. This time, I was on my way home from work. It was in the Polk Street area of San Francisco. It was during the late 1970's and Polk Street was the "Poor Man's Castro" and was a haven for hustlers.

I heard this hustler proposition me. I look to my right and saw this man (emaciated and hungry) who was wrapped in what appeared to be an old clear plastic slipcover that he must have found at Goodwill or in a dumpster to protect himself from the cold and the rain.

He and I made eye contact and I instantly felt something.

However, my brain's safety alarms bells rang loud. I had no idea what kinds of sexually transmitted diseases he was carrying. So I was forced to shake my head and continue on my way home.

Although I have never seen him again, I feel that I am due to re-connect with him through the process of freehand engraving what I remember of him.

I brought the two men together to Leonardo Da Vinci's Great Table so they can be close and appreaciate each other; protected from the elements yet clearly seeing each other's love.

To the right of the two men in the rain is one of my favorite icons of the 1970's Studio 54 scene, Andy Warhol.

I am too young to be of age to have been able to go the famous New York nightspot called Studio 54. I regret not able to go there as I vividly remember the numerous photos of Andy being in with that crowd.

The engraving of Andy was performed while looking at a collection of images of him while at Studio 54.

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