Glass Engraving Virgin Mary Blessing Disciples At The Last Supper
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Glass Engraving Virgin Mary Blessing Disciples At The Last Supper
When I started this project, a friend and fellow member of the Multnomah Meeting of the Religeous Society of Friends (Quakers) suggest that I include women, thereby breaking the traditions of past images of The Last Suppoer.

The two women that I chose to add to my sculpture are the Virgin Mary and my own mother.

Here you see the Virgin Mary in her shrine blessing the disciples of The Last Supper.

My mother is at the other end of the table.

In additions to symbolizing torches that are presented during the procession of a holy persons such as the Virgin Mary; these lighted quartz crystals also symbolize magic and healing. The torch in the top presinium arch also is a beacon calling out to those whom are lost to come forth and be part of The Last Supper.

The steel shrine (consisting of scrap stainless steel tableware as well as bicycle parts) symbolize grace as well as stability for such a holy person with healing powers and whom is looked up upon by many souls.

The glass engraving of the Virgin Mary is taken entirely from my own imagination. There was no image of any woman that I used from the Internet or any other source.

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