Glass Engraving Of Andy Warhol Harvey Milk Oscar Wilde At The Last Supper
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Glass Engraving Of Andy Warhol Harvey Milk Oscar Wilde At The Last Supper
One of my favorite icons from the 1970's era of the famous New York nightspot called Studio 54 was Andy Warhol.

Even if I had the money and the time to make the trek from Boston to New York City; I know I would not have the looks or connections to get past the doorman and his velvet rope blocking the entrance of Studio 54.

The only way I could get into Studio 54 was later through the lens of the Internet and the thousands of old pictures that can be found in that vast library.

Seeing those pictures, I knew that I was there; maybe not in person, but in spirit and that Andy was looking right at me. I just had to include him among the others here at The Last Supper.

To the right of Andy are three men whom I had a crush on. One, in the back and to the right is Abraham Lincoln. Next to Abraham and in front of him are two men who represent several men I saw in San Francisco.

To the right of this image are (in front) Oscar Wilde and Harvy Milk. Above them in the back is a composite engraving representing three men I was especially close to; Arthur Rosenau, my partner, and two men I watched as they played in the balcony of the Strand Theature throughout 1978.

Below these glass engravings is the engraving of The Last Supper's table itself. That piece of glass was an interesting experience. I was told by people at the Rebuilding Center in Portland that it was tempered and that it would shatter if I engraved or cut it. It was with great fear of a glass shattering explosion that I engraved the Last Supper's table. However, peace prevailed as I engraved the setting of the table.

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