Freehand Glass Engraving Of Gay Men At The Last Supper
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Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Freehand Glass Engraving Of Gay Men At The Last Supper
These glass engravings are all done free-hand using a high speed pneumatic drill with a diamond ball tip.

The pieces of glass came from the Rebuilding Center in Portland, Oregon; they most likely were used as glass panels of old lamps and chandeliers.

And by the way, working with scrap glass carries the high risk of getting nicked and cut! If you should chose to follow this type of creativity, please handle these carfully!

At work at Intel, our group received a recognition award for completing a project on time. The award was a glass plaque that was laser etched using a technology that enables lasers to be focused at a point between the surfaces of the glass.

I was impressed with the technology.

However, during that meeting in which our group was presented with the award by senior management, I felt someone starting to get angry at me and a nasty and ugly voice hissed into my ear.

No, it was not the senior Intel executive presenting the award to our group's managers. He clearly was not angry.

That hissing and angry voice came from the piece of etched glass in the executive's hands.

"Now listen to me kid! Stay away from me! Don't use my technology for your glass engravings of your tribe! I am inhuman and too perfect!"

I know there I could have used laser etching and a computer to create glass etching, however as an artisan, I feel that my own human hands are far more important in this type of art than a computer rendering of an image.

These gay men from my life in San Francisco have no images that I am aware of on line. Therefore, these computer and laser etchings would have been worthless.

All these engravings are done free-hand using my own imagination as well as fond memories of myself coming into the light in San Francisco in the 1970's. As these are of my own memories, there will be imperfections. I feel that these imperfections add to the human quality of free hand glass engraving that sets it apart from computer and laser engraved glass. The imperfections also symbolize the imperfections of our mainline society and it's relationships with those it marginalizes.

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