Engraved Glass Of Gay Lovers And Andy Warhol And Abbie Hoffman At Last Supper
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Engraved Glass Of Gay Lovers And Andy Warhol And Abbie Hoffman At Last Supper
I did not know if he was gay, bit I had this crush on Abbie Hoffman.

However, I had one heck of a time trying to perform a glass engraving of Abbie Hoffman; it was hard to get his hair right.

So, I decided to do two engravings. You cna see them on the right of this image. Next to the one in back is my own imagination of Abraham Lincoln, whom I had a crush on even when I first saw him in a textbook in grade school in the 1960's.

To the left of my two engravings of Abbie Hoffman is a freehand glass engraving; totally from imagination and fantasy; of Andy Warhol.

To the left of Andy Warhol are two men who look like they are in space suits.

This glass engraving (which, by the way is the 2nd attempt as the first one had too many mistakes) is a composite of two experiences in my life.

One was an encounter I had while I was walking quickly in the pouring rain in Boston because I was late getting to a movie in a nearby theater.

Standing in front of me was this tall man who was completely wrapped in clear plastic to protect himself from the rain. He did not seem to be going anywhere; he was just loitering there, watching the world go by from within his transparent shroud.

We made the briefest of eye contact as I rushed by him to get to the darn theater, knowing that the show was probably already starting.

But there was a firm connection between the two of us. I felt that I was inside him and him inside me, even though we never physically saw each other again.

In San Francisco, there was another rainy day. I was on my way home from work and walking on Polk Street, a known haven of young gay hustlers.

One of them tried to solicit me. I looked over and saw this young, emaciated man, covered in acne, beckoning toward me.

That young man was also covered head to toe in transparent plastic. He must have found a clear plastic slipcover in the trash somewhere and was using it to protect himself from the rain and let his beauty shine through.

Although I turned him down, we did make eye contact and I felt a presence.

I never saw him again.

I now take those two men who are still inside me and put them together in this composite glass engraving as guests at Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper table. They are clearly showing their love for each other while protected from the elements.

Behind those two men is a composite engraving representing men I see in gay bars whom I was too shy to approach. One was at Sporters in Boston (now closed) and the other was at the Male Box in Worcester (now also closed). Sporters was the first gay bar that I ever entered in my life. There is a glass engraving of it on my light art bicycle (pictures of which are elsewhere on this site).

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