Bicycle Lighting System With Lights On And Aimed At Camera
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Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Bicycle Lighting System With Lights On And Aimed At Camera
Once upon a time in the 1960's there was a little boy in Winchester, Massachusetts who got a brand new bicycle for Christmas.

It was a beautiful little bicycle and it even had a built in bicycle light so that I could ride it at night!

I was very exited! I had this fascination with light throughout my childhood and when I got that bicycle with its light, I was in Heaven.

Well, my time in Heaven was short lived. I immediately noticed that the built in light on my shiny new bicycle was very dim. After all, it was not nuch more than a modified headlight with a very ineffective generator that gets its motion from the front wheel. Those generators often slipped in the rain, which means there is no light when light is most needed!

I then knew that the more light I can put on a bicycle the better.

Even back then, as a child in the 1960s I knew that drivers often complain that they do not see bicyclists.

Well now that it's 2017 here in Bellingham, Washington, my dream has come true.

I now have a system that screams to motorists at night that hey, there is a bicyclist out there!

The beauty of the helmet mounted light (which is as powerful as the main headlight) is that I can 'flash' drivers by quickly moving my helmet back and forth, flashing the light straight at them.

In addition to the two headlights, there is a powerful LED tailight that is very bright even at 200 feet behind my bicycle.

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