Multiple Color Artistic Clothing
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Multiple Color Artistic Clothing
This entire outfit was constructed of remains of fabric that I had after completing other projects in my portfolio.

None of these remnants had over 1/2 yard remaining when I started this project.

with so little of each fabric (including the wool for the pants) at hand, I needed to be very creative in order to maintain the symetry in these garments.

For example, the small pieces of burgendy jacquard below the shirt pockets came from a single 12 by 6 inch piece of fabric.

The fabric for the pockets came from four separate 6 by 6 inch irregular pieces of fabric.

In total, I estimate that there were close to fifty individual pieces of fabric from my scrap bin that I used to create what you see here.

Both the shirt and pants have lasted two years so far.

Although I still have the shirt, I was forced to give the pants to a friend before my move to Bellingham, Washington because I had lost so much weight that they did not fit well even with a belt.