Green And Blue Shirt
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Green And Blue Shirt
Taking more risks before I was ready is one of my habits.

I was not quite ready to do this type of artistic clothing, but I wanted to become a centerpiece of conversation. Therefore I took some risks.

There were several mistakes I made in this project, but it was ready to wear for a Christmas event at Saint Marks Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle where I was on the Altar Guild. People loved it!

Although the mistakes were visibly minor, they did serious damage to the durability of the garment and several of the seams started to pull loose.

The good news is that I was able to do repairs to restore this garment once I bought a more precise industrial sewing machine. This garment is now fully wearable and has outlasted many commerically made garments!