Custom Wool Coat Showing Colors
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Custom Wool Coat Showing Colors
In creating this wool coat as a gift for a charity auction, I wanted to present something that stands out from the crowd as well as has something of myself and my personality in it.

Fortunately, the wool used in this coat was available in several colors, yet had the same texture and hand (softness). This allowed me to be more creative in the pattern of the coat.

The general outline of the coat is a men's double breast pattern. However, the placement of the individual colors is my own design.

The total cost of the wool for this coat was well less than $100.00.

The belt, although not constructed of wool, is constructed from a high end commercial upholstry fabric that I had found to be very durible yet expresses color and texture.

The belt buckle is a steel sculpture that is handmade from scraps of steel that I had left over from other projects. It essentially did not cost me anyting.

Being the first fully lined (with silk) wool coat, this project took me a week of evenings as well as two full weekends to make.

If you should be in the Seattle, Washington area at the right time, you might see the man who bought this coat.