Back Of Handmade Fall Jacket
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Back Of Handmade Fall Jacket

In 1995, I have decided to cut back and stop Christmas shopping and to move forward with making my own Christmas gifts for the family. This is a Christmas gift that I made for a family member for Christmas 2004.

The fabrics are all commercial upholstery fabrics.

Go to an airport, train station, restaurant, or movie theater that has good upholstery and you will see (and sit on) similar fabrics.

These commercial upholstery fabrics are very sturdy and my use of them allows me to create clothing that will last a long time as well as being unique.

Even though it is not lined, this jacket is warm for even late fall or early winter in Portland, Oregon.

Too many Christmas gifts are predictable. I constantly seek out ways to create something that can be remembered long after it is received during the holidays.

Who knows, perhaps the fabric on this gift has come from a chair, sofa, or cushion that was rejected by someone last Christmas!