Stuart Theater Cinema Boston
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Stuart Theater Cinema Boston
The Stuart Theater (or Stuart Cinema) is long closed. The space is now a restaurant.

The Stuart Theater was the cheapest movie theater in Boston in the 1970's. Where other theaters were charing about $5.00, the Stuart Theater was charing fifty cents.

This theater was very popular to some parts of the gay community.

As I have met many wonderful people there, I have highlighted this engraving with the warmest colors of my LED collection.

The Stuart Theater was in a very dirty ugly building. I have taken enormous artistic liberty in performing this glass engraving, which is part of a diorama mounted on the frame of my bicycle.

Unfortunatly, the Stuart Theater never did host the Student Homophile League's presentation of The Front Runner.

I em entitled to my fantasies in this glass (not acrylic) engraving, which is about three inches square.

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