Boston Gay Skyline Engraving In Daylight
Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Clothing, Jewelry, and Light Artist in Bellingham, Washington
Boston Gay Skyline Engraving In Daylight
This is one of two panels of glass engravings depecting my memories of the 1970's era Boston Gay and Lesbian Skyline, where I first came out.

Many of these engravings came from my own memories and fantasies as I had great difficulty in finding images of these landmarks on line.

All of these engravings are done with a high speed diamond rotating tool on glass.

This image shows the engraving as they appear in daylight.

The engravings are protected by the metal frame over them. I can lean the bicycle on a rack with no issue with breakage of the glass panels.

I am able to straddle and ride the bicycle; I hardly feel the engravings against my legs while pedaling.

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