419 Boyleston Street And Sporters Gay Bar Boston
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419 Boyleston Street And Sporters Gay Bar Boston
To the 1970's era Boston gay and lesbian community, the address of 419 Boyleston Street was important.

419 Boyleston Street was a non-descript office building showing its age. It's elevators creaked and groaned. It's bathrooms were not the cleanest.

However, it was cheap.

Gay and lesbian community groups at the time did not have much money and several of these rented the cheap space offered at 419 Boyleston Street.

The Homophile Community Health Service was the first place I ever went to after coming out to myself. They helped me get connected with the community.

Boston Gay Youth were a very important resource for the many gay and lesbian students in the Boston area in the 1970's.

The Sporters Gay Bar (the engraving at the bottom of the image) was the first gay bar that I ever stepped into. It was very dark. The windows shown in my engraving were boarded over and the inside was lit with dim red lights, a popular method of making everyone look several years younger and more beautifull then they were in daylight.

A characteristic of Sporters was that on the morning after a busy evening, one would almost always find one of their more colorful characters passed out, sitting or laying on the sidewalk in front of the building. If you look carefully at this engraving, you should be able to see my dear wonderful longtime friend sitting on the sidewalk with his back resting on the left hand side of the building.

This glass engraving, edge lit by light emitting diodes is part of the light art collection that is mounted on my bicycle.

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