22 Bromfield Street And The Other Side And Carnival Boston
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22 Bromfield Street And The Other Side And Carnival Boston
Yes, I mispelled it on my engraving. However I decied to let it go. Too much work to re-do an engraving and it was 1 AM when I did this.

22 Bromfield Street is legend.

Gay Community News (one of the earliest gay newpapers) was there.

Fag Rag, another iconic new media outlet was also there.

Black Men's Caucus also shared the crampted quarters in an genteely aging building with no elevators.

22 Bromfield Street, beautifully ugly as she was, unfortunately was one of several victims of the 1980's Boston arson scare.

By the way, that Boston arson campaign was performed by police officers and firefighters who feard they would lose their jobe due to budget cuts resulting of the passage of Massachusetts' proposition 2 1/2.

Never prosecuted by the local authorities, these perpetrators were braught to justice by the FBI and were convicted.

Convicted as they were, these former police and firefighters deprived our community of a wonder community resource.

Let 22 Bromfield Street shine in all our hearts.

The Other Side and the Carnival were 1970's era gay bars which fell victims not of arson but of gentrification and resulting high rents.

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