Hand Made Transparent Raincoats
Many Styles of Clear Rainwear
This is a small sample of the hand made clear raincoats that I have been making with my industrial sewing machines since 1995. Here you will see many styles including jackets, capes, and full length coats.
Many people ask me 'Why are you making transparent raincoats? Why not buy what's out there and save lots of time?

It's all about being myself and having nothing to hide. Allowing my unique beauty to shine in the rain.

Throughout my life, I have always been forthcoming about myself and holding nothing back. These clear raincoats are symbolic of that important part of my life. They show nothing but the truth.

I make a lot of unique artistic clothing which I love to wear for my expression.

Transparent raincoats allow me to continue to let this beauty shine in the rain; letting me be transparent with nothing to hide and everything to share with the world.

How Do I Make Clear Plastic Rainwear
Or How Do I Sew Clear Plastic?
Before you do any sewing of clear vinyl, such as those I use in my rainwear, you need to get an industrial sewing machine with a walking foot. These machines are sold to upholsters.

You need to be serious as these machines cost over $1000.00 for a new machine. You might be able to find something on Craigslist or Ebay for about $500.00, but buyer beware.

Machines that I feel are good for this type of sewing are the industrial Pfaff, Cornsew, Adler, Sunstar, and Juke.

Once you have a decent machine, it takes practice. It took me about 6 months of nights and weekends between the time I got my sewing machine and the time I had a garment that I was willing to wear in public.

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Where Did I Get The Clear Plastic
I have got many people asking where I got the plastics I used for these raincoats. There are several sources.

The best source is any decent size fabric store. In Portland, Oregon there is the Mill End Store in Milwalkie. I highly recommend them. They are on line at Mill End Store.

One of my favorites has been Bed Bath And Beyond. I have often cleaned them out of clear shower curtains. Many thanks to the store in downtown Seattle, Washington.

And, of course there is Goodwill. The Outlet Store in Portland has been a suprising source of old (but suprisingly clean) clear plastic slipcovers.